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Saturday, 21 September 2019 09:15
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Nucleus is a free content management system written using PHP and MySQL. The main goal is to facilitate Nucleus'a users to run their own blog on the Internet. Of course, the script can also build a more standard part, however, was created primarily to manage blogs. An interesting possibility is to display the contents of various blogs on one page. Nucleus is distributed under the GNU.


Nucleus not have high requirements for the proper functioning requires:
- PHP 4.0.6 (or higher 4.2+ is recommended)
- MySQL 3.23.x or above
- Approximately 2MB of disk space


The story of a man named Nucleus started Demuynck, who is a student, founded his first blog with blogger.com site. However, it failed to meet its requirements and vision, therefore early 2001 began work on the script, which over time turned into a Nucleus. Initially based on the xml file, and in the summer of the same year Demuynck went to use the database and started building administrator interface.


As mentioned in the introduction Nucleus is a system designed to keep your own blog, split into categories, and even with one version of the script, you can create several blogs and then publish articles, for example, on one page. Nucleus is for people who like to decide on the shape, appearance and functionality of your blog, and do not want to be dependent on commercial blogging services, which is rife with ads.


Nucleus allows you to:
- Division blog categories
- Writing more than one blog
- Making notes for multiple users
- Search and archive articles
- Use bookmarks RSS and Atom
- Leave comments
- IP ban
- Backup your blog
- Easy installation templates and additives
And additionally contains links search engine friendly and WYSIWYG editor (What Sou Se Is What You Get)

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The document translated automatically

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Website Baker 2.8.1 start.websitebaker2.org CMS / Portals
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XOOPS 2.4.5 www.xoops.org CMS / Portals
Zenphoto 1.3 www.zenphoto.org Image Galleries
Zomplog 3.9 www.zomp.nl/zomplog/ Blogs
4images 1.7.7 www.4homepages.de Image Galleries
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ClipBucket 2.0.8 www.clipbucket-fr.com CMS / Portals
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Quicksilver Forums 1.4.2 www.quicksilverforums.com
razorCMS www.razorcms.co.uk Lite 1.1 STABLE
ReOS - Real Estate www.reos.elazos.com 2.0.4 Open Source CMS / Portals
RunCMS 2.2.2 www.runcms.org CMS / Portals
Streber 0.0912 www.streber-pm.org Groupware
The Bug Genie 2.1.0 www.thebuggenie.com Miscellaneous
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TomatoCart V1.0.1 www.tomatocart.com eCommerce
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Webmatic 3.0.4 www.valarsoft.com/index.php?categoryID=1&subcategoryID=1&productID=1&action=10 CMS / Portals
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Zikula 1.2.3 www.zikula.org CMS / Portals
1024cms 2.1.1 www.1024cms.org/index.php CMS / Portals
ACollab 1.2 www.atutor.ca/acollab Groupware
AneCMS 1 www.anecms.com CMS / Portals
BbPress 1.0.2 www.bbpress.org Forums
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Discuz Angielski 7.2 www.msg2me.com Forums
DrupalEd 5.6-0 www.funnymonkey.com/come-and-get-it Learning Management
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log1 CMS Lite 2.0 www.log1cms.sourceforge.net/
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Magento eCommerce www.magentocommerce.com
Micro CMS 1.0.1 www.micro-cms.com CMS / Portals
MyLittleForum 2.2.5 www.mylittleforum.net Forums
NextBBS 0.6 www.nextbbs.com Forums
NovaBoard 1.1.4 www.novaboard.net Forums
ocPortal www.ocportal.com v5 CMS / Portals
OdCMS www.odcms.net Lite 1.07
Open Blog 1.2.1 www.open-blog.info Blogs
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Open Conference Systems 2.1.1 www.pkp.sfu.ca/ocs Learning Management
Open Journal Systems 2.2.2 www.pkp.sfu.ca/ojs Learning Management
Orbis CMS 1.0.2 www.novo-ws.com/orbis-cms Lite
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Anantasoft Gazelle CMS 1.0 www.anantasoft.com CMS / Portals
Auto CMS 1.6 www.ventics.com/autocms/ CMS / Portals
Conceptcms 5.1.2 www.conceptcms.com CMS / Portals
Constructr CMS 3.03.0 www.phaziz.com/constructr-cms CMS / Portals
DynPage 1.0 www.dynpage.net CMS / Portals
EcoCMS 1.0 www.ecocms.com CMS / Portals
F3Site 3.1 www.dhost.info/compmaster CMS / Portals
Family Connections 2.2.3 www.familycms.com CMS / Portals
Festos 2.3b www.festengine.org Miscellaneous
Fundanemt 2.2.1 www.fundanemt.com CMS / Portals
Geeklog 1.7.0 www.geeklog.net CMS / Portals
Injader 2.4.4 www.injader.com CMS / Portals
JE 1.0.0 www.joenasejes.cz.cc CMS CMS / Portals
Mac's CMS 1.1.4 www.sourceforge.net/projects/macs-framework/ CMS / Portals
Mi-Dia Blog 1.0.8 www.mi-dia.co.uk Blogs
MiniCWB 2.1.2 www.grafxsoftware.com/product.php/MiniCWB/177/ CMS / Portals
OLAT - Online Learning And Training 6.3.1 www.olat.org Learning Management
OpenRat 0.9-4 www.openrat.de CMS CMS / Portals
PhpMySport 1.4 www.phpmysport.sourceforge.net/en/ CMS / Portals
PragmaMx 0.1.11 www.pragmamx.org CMS / Portals
SweetRice 0.6.7 www.basic-cms.org Blogs
Tinypug 0.9.5 tinypug.googlecode.com CMS / Portals
VaselinEngine 0.0.1 http://code.google.com/p/vaselinengine/ CMS / Portals
WebJaxe 1.02 media4.obspm.fr/outils/webjaxe/en/ CMS / Portals
WhiteCrane 1.4.1 R87 dev.ameoto.com/whitecrane CMS / Portals
WysGui 2.3 www.wysgui.com CMS / Portals
Opal 0.4.2 www.hulihanapplications.com/projects/opal CMS / Portals
NukeViet 3.0.05 www.nukeviet.vn CMS / Portals

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The document translated automatically


MDPro is a content management system, which is has been translated into at least 16 languages​​, including Polish and language. MDPro is a portal system, which is characterized by ease of installation and configuration, many people say that the code is very clear and easy to read, which is not indifferent to developers. It is worth noting that it is quite firmly connected to the system PostNuke is why most additives and graphic templates works well with him. MDPro is distributed under the GNU / GPL License.


To MDPro run on a server without any problems, it should be equipped with:
- PHP version 4.1.0 or above (not recommended yet PHP5)
- MySQL 3.23 (or higher) or Oracle 8.1 (or higher)
- A minimum of 25 MB of disk space.


The initiator of the project was MDPro Massimiliano Tiraboschi aka Timax, who in 2003 came out with an initiative to build a content management system for e-learning systems, e-commerce and the like. MDPro arose with the cooperation of a sizeable group of users PostNuke. Originally called MD-Pro, only later took its present name, no hyphen.


MDPro is a portal system, which is characterized by ease of use, is designed to create portal pages, with the possibility of integration of the forum readers. MDPro is very powerful, and thanks to the multitude of additives can be with him to build virtually any website.


Therefore, it is related to the ability to install PostNuke'iem additives for it, thus significantly extends its capabilities. Install can include:
- Management system comments
- Management of users
- Integrated forum
- galleries
- System of news
- Guestbook
- Advanced statistics.
Just like modern CMS has an advanced WYSIWYG editor that allows to edit content without knowing HTML coding.