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Tuesday, 19 October 2021 10:49

The problem with printing from the server.

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One of the problems during the administration servers are printer.

Printers cease to function, your printer will not print, printer prints wrong side, the printer does not start.

The main causes of these problems to the drivers and software installed along with printers.

Many people have old drivers and update them and thus runs the risk of problems.

Print Spooler (Print Spooler) is the most neglected subsystem. But what happens when the server farm on which operates hundreds of people suddenly stop working print spooler? Printers stop working in paper form but also electronically (PDF).

Print Spooler that ceases to operate stably appropriates RAM and server paging file.

Printer manufacturers to keep trying to improve and to remove bugs in their drivers so they should be updated on a regular basis.

Further problems with duce a lack of permissions that can affect the propagation of the driver and the problem with permissions to files or folders.

Often permission problems are invisible to the user because the system does not report a specific message only suspends print user.

How to control the print spooler?

Print files located in the% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ cache

Drivers are located in the% systemroot% \ system32 \ spooler \ printers

Print permissions are needed which gives the administrator for a group or an individual user.

If there is a problem with printing or printing fails to execute, you can manually clean the print spooler of unnecessary files.

We go to the control panel for the printer or from the command line, type the command - control printers

and from that position we can manage printers.

Right-clicking on the printer and select the printer properties you can:

manage security permissions tab in the printer for individual users,

manage the drivers in the Advanced tab - you can see here all the drivers installed on the server,

or share the printer on the network.

Cleaning the print spooler

The primary way to clean the print spooler to be restarted. We go on the website, we search for the print spooler, and reboot the print spooler, we can do this from the command line command net stop print spooler net start spooler print.

If this does not help doing it in a more advanced way - the command line running as root, type the command services.msc and stop the print spooler, we can also perform the command net stop print spooler

We now move to the folder where the print spooler and delete all the files from it:

% Systemroot%\system32\spool\printers
% Systemroot%\system32\spool\drivers\x64 (for 64bit system)

At the end restart the print spooler command - net start spooler print

Repair permissions to the folder printing.

Go to the folder C:\Windows\System32 (%systemroot%\system32)

We are searching for spooler folder, click on it with the right button and select Properties -> Security - Security should be a group of users who have the ability to print. If such a group does not exist should I add or create.

These settings should help a number of problematic situations with printers.